Jelcz L11/2

Dnes, před pár minutami vyšel autobus Jelcz od polské komunity, tedy CraherPL, Mateusz_Ogon, eSeL a samozřejmě NickTM, administrátorem komunity samotné.

The Jelcz L11 is an intercity bus, produced by Jelcz between 1987 and 1989.
The bus was built on Csepel chassis, and has the shortened, 11 metres long body of the Berliet licenced Jelcz PR110. In 1988 a new variant was introduced, called L11/2, which has only two doors, one at the front, and one at the back, and it can carry 94 passengers. The L11 series is powered by 192 hp 10 litre RÁBA-MAN D2156 HM6U diesel engine and it has a 5-speed Csepel ASH75.2 manual gearbox.


Jelcz L11/2
Jelcz L11/2

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